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Weihai Naka Liquid Control Co., Ltd
Business lineThe development and design, manufacture and sale of liquid dispensor.
Establish dateMarch 18th, 2003
Register capitalUSD 665,000.00
Board chairmanMASAO NAKA
Branch companyWeihai Guangzhou Shanghai
Employee qty

46 (March 2016)

               Corporate creed

Sincerity As long as you mind sincerity, everything can be smoothly done or easily solved.

Technology Technology is changing with each passing day, and continuous progress is based on the professional manufacturer's benchmark, the development of professional technology.

implement Ideas are conceived through action, and things are carried out through practice.

reasonable The rule of law in accordance with the law of things, the rule of law, in accordance with the law of the.

Company history
March 2003Weihai Naka Liquid Control Co., Ltd was established in Weihai China.

Manufacture and sale for liquid dispensor machines of V50, KAPPA-L, KAPPA-E PP50 in china
May, 2003in order to improve the quality of dispensor, importing the lathe, milling machine and other processed machines to produce the dispensor mechanical parts.
Dec. 2004importing the grinding machines(including out-roundness and plane)from Japan
Feb. 2005importing 9pcs of the milling machines and lathe from Japan, finishing the design of PP-100, and get good evaluation from the market.
March. 2005Guangzhou branch estabished, marketing and afterservice in South China
2006Starting saling the new model of VR100, shuttle flow, Kappa-L2 riveting machines and press machines.
Feb. 2006our factory in weihai moved into a new address of weihai high Tech zone.
March. 2006Shanghai branch estabished, marketing and afterservice in East China.
July. 2006Beijing office estabished, marketing and afterservice in North China.
Oct. 2006signing an sole agency agreement with Baltec UK for riveting machines and press.
Dec. 2006Importing some three-axis inspection machines, roughness inspection machines and roundness inspection from Japan
March 2007beginning saling the dispensor which works together with vacuum chamber and Robot.
Feb. 2008beginning saling the the machines which is metering by screw pump
Nov. 2008importing process center (MC), NC Lathe small type NC Lathe, marketing for manufacture of mechanical parts business.
Mar. 2009finishing the development of EF-S, EF-R, Screw-pump, and marketing in China.
Aug.2010We set Chongqing Branch Office, start marketing Service business in northwest of China.
February 2012Nakahiro Yasuke precision machinery (Weihai) Co., ltd.
May 2013The next generation of TR series double liquid dispensing machine successfully developed.
February 2014The next generation of TR series double liquid dispensing machine to start selling.
August 2015From Japan to introduce the ultra precision micro dispensing machine, KAPPA5 machine began the development of manufacturing and sales.