Personal information assurance policy

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Personal information protection policy
Co., Ltd. Zhong's fluid control (hereinafter referred to as the agency), except as otherwise stipulated, on business to business customers, business units related to specific personal identifiable information (hereinafter referred to as the personal information), we formulate the following "personal information protection policy", and efforts to protect it.
Acquisition of personal information
Personal information is obtained by means of lawful and fair means.
The use of personal information
In our society, as long as there is no special records, from the customer premises to get the personal information, please allow us for the following purposes, the scope of the. (but, with the person in charge of the interview, business card exchange and other personal information, please allow us to omit the use of the purpose of the prompt.
1, and customers for business contact
2, to deal with the matters entrusted by the client or to perform the contract between the client and the company signed
3, products, services and information related to the notice
4, to enhance the quality of products and services related to the investigation and analysis
5, exhibition, seminar and other activities of the notice
6, the company's business related notice
7, the customer to ask questions or commissioned by the answer
Other applicable laws, "the protection of life and property, to the official organs,", in the use of the scope of the above purposes, may also be obtained from the use of personal information.
About third of the disclosure of personal information to provide
In the following, without obtaining the consent, not to provide personal information disclosure, third.
And can not identify the personal status (Statistics), to provide the discovery.
In the range of business needs, to provide business units commissioned by the discovery.
Merger, corporate division, business transfer and other reasons cause the business to inherit
According to the laws and regulations are required to provide the discovery.
Personal information management
The social appointment of personal information managers, for the illegal use of personal information, loss, destruction, tampering and leakage, to take appropriate measures to prevent and correct. In addition, for all the staff to carry out the relevant education and training of personal information, and strive to achieve management in place.
About personal information disclosure, correction, stop using etc.
Personal information about yourself, discovery and correction, stop using in the confirmation for I will make corresponding countermeasures.
Compliance with laws and regulations.
Compliance with the laws and regulations relating to the disposal of personal information, as well as the content of this personal information protection policy will continue to be adjusted and improved.