Statement of rights and interests of the company website

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When you want to use
The Wep website (hereinafter referred to as the site) is limited to the company's liquid control (hereinafter referred to as the company), if you want to use the site, please understand the following matters.
- on Copyright
Published in the website article, such as portraits of all the information about the copyright, belong to the society and the use of the said approval of real.
Beyond personal use of printing, storage or other work rights authorized by the law of the scope, and shall not be used (copied, modified, reproduced, distributed, etc.) published on this web site content.
- about trademark
Published in the website trademark, logo tag, trade name rights are vested in the society or the use of the said approval of the property. Unless otherwise approved by the trademark law and other laws, the use of such acts without the permission of the society is prohibited by the trademark law, so please contact me in advance to obtain a permit.
- ensure content
The information provided in this web site, although we after careful attention to publish, but also difficult to assurance the correctness and completeness of the information. The agency is not responsible for any errors in the content of the site.
In addition, due to the use of the contents of the customer in case of any damage, the agency is not responsible.
This site may change or terminate the site's URL, composition, and use conditions without notice.
- on the link
The contents of the Web website (hereinafter referred to as the link page), which are operated by the website or the third party that is linked to the site, are not the content of the social management. Customers in the use of these links page, please comply with the provisions of these links page. In addition, this club is not responsible for the content of the link page, or the damage caused by the use of these pages.
The protection of personal privacy.
This website respect the personal information provided by the customer, and try to protect the privacy of the individual. Please refer to the "personal information protection policy".